Monday, June 25, 2012

Project Bag Swap Bag #1

Conversation of the Day
"Mom, you are the queen. Baby sister is the princess, like we always call her. Bug is the knight. Dad is the taller knight."
"If I'm the queen, baby sister is the princess, Bug is the knight, and Dad is the taller knight, then what are you?"
"I'm the king!"

On to the blog post...

If you know me, then you know I cannot abide by patterns, because I cannot stand to have someone else tell me how something should be done. Therefore, I hardly ever finish anything remotely exciting (like a sweater or anything I fall in love with at first sight) because I get partially through the pattern and quit, ripping it all out and doing my own thing, which is sometimes not even remotely close to the project when I first began.

This being said, it is a big surprise that I actually decided to sign up for a swap group. Why in the world would someone like me sign up for a swap, when I can barely complete my own projects? The answer to that is quite simple. I'm a perfectionist. And on top of being a perfectionist, I'm a perfectionist about being a perfectionist. And I had a goal for 2012: to become a better knitter (yes, this was crocheted). I want to improve my techniques and learn more. And if I am doing something for someone else, then I'll force myself (willingly) to perfect stitches, work with colors I hate (green) and let myself relax (a little).

Drawstring Special
Design Copyright Kristin Lindberg 2012

Please do not use this pattern for profit, as it is not itended to be used in that manner. Swap it and give it as a gift or donate to charity as much as you want, but this is not a for-profit pattern.

Brown Sheep Company - Lanaloft Wool - Herbal Garden
U.S. Size H Crochet Hook

Gauge is not entirely important for this bag. Judge according to your style and preferences.
This Lanaloft Wool varies in thickness consistency, which is what caused a few hole-like spots in the bag.

Abbreviations (listed in order used)
SC        Single Crochet
PM       Place Marker
MM      Move Marker
DC       Double Crochet
DNJ     Do not join

Techniques Needed
Magic Circle: Great tutorial here
Single Crochet: Insert hook through top and bottom posts, yarn over, draw up a loop, yarn over, draw up a loop through both loops on hook.
Double Crochet: Yarn over, insert hook through top and bottom posts, yarn over, draw up a loop. Yarn over, pull through first two loops on hook. Yarn over, draw through last two loops on hook.
Slip stitch: Insert hook through top and bottom posts, yarn over, pull through all loops.
Overhand knot: Form a loop and pass the end through it, tighten.
0      Begin with a Magic Circle.
1      SC 10 times in circle, do not join round. PM at last stitch.
2      SC twice in each SC around. DNJ, MM to last stitch.
2- 8  SC around, DNJ, MM to last stitch.
9-27 DC around, DNJ, MM to last stitch.
28    SC around, DNJ, MM to last stitch.
29    Skip first SC from hook. *DC six in next SC. Slip Stitch into next SC. Skip following chain* repeat between the asterisks around.
Finish off.
1    CH 250
2    Cut yarn and pull tight to end chain
3    Tie overhand knot at end of chain. Tie another overhand knot over this knot. Repeat two more times. Result will be a knotted ball at end of chain.
4    Thread chain using end without knot through the holes created by skipping chains in round 29 of bag, do not go back through first empty chain where you started.
5    Do not pull bag tight just yet. Decide how long you would like the chain when the bag is NOT in a drawstring. (I recommend using 2/3 of the the length of the bag)
6    Mark appropriate length spot at end of chain without knots.
7    Repeat "3" at opposite end of chain where you have marked.
8    Cut excess yarn off each outer side of the drawstring knots, just after finished knot ball.

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